Communities Against Senior Exploitation

The C.A.S.E. Partnership Projects purpose is to combat telemarketing and elder fraud through faith-based alliances, community membership and law enforcement with prosecutors. This is collaboration between the Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office and the County of Dona Ana. Both the District Attorney’s Office and Dona Ana County, along with Law Enforcement to include Adult Protective Services are working to make this county a safe place for our seniors to live.

The Office of the Third Judicial District Attorney’s C.A.S.E. Program Coordinator is responsible for advocating and educating our elderly community in Dona Ana. On a monthly basis, the Coordinator conducts outreach to educate, inform,  in an attempt to prevent exploitation towards our vulnerable seniors Also, every 3 months they generate a newsletter guided towards our seniors In these newsletters  seniors are informed about recent scams, tips on how to prevent scams, activities that may interest them, and so on. Additionally, the Coordinator provides our seniors with a variety of pamphlets with the resources that our community offers to them. These pamphlets are given out with the intention to spark their interest in educating themselves.

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