Chief Deputy District Attorney Position



September 17 , 2020 | Posted by Roxanne Garcia-Mcelmell |

Chief Deputy District Attorney Position







Chief Deputy District Attorney 

Position Classification Dependent upon experience.  

This is an at will position.  The elected District Attorney has final discretion in hiring and retaining for this position, including  which qualifications and performance standards will apply.  Interviews will be conducted by the District attorney Incumbent for 2021.

Salary Range:   $80,939.04-101,173.28/annually  (Hiring salary depends on experience and budget availability)

Requirements:  Licensed attorney to practice law in New Mexico, plus a minimum of six years as a practicing attorney in criminal law, plus a minimum of four (4) years supervision/administration experience.

Preferred Qualifications:  Licensed attorney to practice law in New Mexico, plus a minimum of six years as a prosecuting attorney and six (6) years supervision/management experience, preferably within the same District Attorney’s office as the current position.  Knowledge of office management/administration.

Job Duties:  The primary role is management, however incumbent may handle criminal cases at all levels.  Incumbent will also mentor lower level attorneys.  Represents District Attorney at official functions and before legislative bodies.  May interact with the media and the community at a case or policy level.  Ensures compliance by all other employees with the District Attorney’s policies and directives and advises the District Attorney on employment issues.  Performs other job related duties.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: This position requires extensive and current knowledge and skills in the areas of criminal prosecution; rules of evidence and rules of criminal procedure; public administration; public relations; organization and supervisory; computer and office systems including the applicable budget system; knowledge of office budget and funding process; ability to draft legal and other office management documents; ability to work effectively with other criminal justice agencies; ability to communicate effectively; ability to research/analyze information and situations.

Distinguishing  Characteristics:   This position is the highest administrative level of the attorney series and is characterized by the high level of trust, discretion and judgment vested in the incumbent by the District Attorney and the breadth of their responsibilities.

Working Conditions: Work is performed in an office, community, courtroom or legislative environment.  Some physical effort and travel may be required.  Incumbent may be required to work under stressful situations and/or conditions.

Application Deadline:            Until the position is filled.

Submit Application to:  3rd Judicial District Attorney’s Office,  C/O Whitney Safranek, Human Resources Administrator, 845 N. Motel Blvd., Suite D., Las Cruces, NM 88007