Conviction in Auto Theft may result in 12 year sentence



Conviction in Auto Theft may result in 12 year sentence

Las Cruces—Ryan Wilson, 26, was found guilty on charges of Non-Residential Burglary, Burglary of a Vehicle and Criminal Damage to Property on Monday in the Third Judicial District Court.

According to reports, on December 1, 2014, Sergeant Joshua Savage and his K-9 were on patrol in the Amador and Espanola Street area when a silver BMW, with sounding alarm and flashing lights in the intersection, caught his attention. As he approached, Mr. Wilson exited the vehicle and ran which caused Sergeant Savage and his K-9 “Zero” to pursue. Although Mr. Wilson ran in between houses and businesses, Zero was able to get a “target lock” and engaged Mr. Wilson in the upper chest.

With further investigation it was revealed that Mr. Wilson had gained access into “Deals on Wheels” and located the keys to the BMW.

Taking into account Mr. Wilson’s prior criminal history and this conviction he is facing a total of 12 years of incarceration.

At the time of the incident, Sergeant Savage and “Zero” had been a Las Cruces Police Department unit for over 5 years. Prosecuting Attorney Thomas Limon stated, “Dozens of people have surrendered to Zero, but this was the first time he had to engage a subject. He and Sergeant Savage worked in concert to perfection ultimately apprehending Mr. Wilson.”

A sentencing date is pending.