District Attorney’s Bargaining Unit Representation is Withdrawn



February 27 , 2019 | Posted by Roxanne Garcia-Mcelmell |

District Attorney’s Bargaining Unit Representation is Withdrawn


The Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office received notice late last week from Communication Workers of America (CWA) that they are “withdrawing their interest in the certified bargaining unit of attorneys in the Third Judicial District Attorneys Office”. CWA representative Robin Gould stated “We see no reason at this time to continue bargaining for workers that are not interested in being part of a labor organization.”
Earlier this morning, Ms. Gould provided notification to the New Mexico Public Employee Labor Relations Board Executive Director Thomas J. Griego that, “Effective immediately, the CWA is disclaiming any interest whatsoever in representing the Trial Attorneys, Assistant Trial Attorneys, Senior Trial Attorneys or Deputy District Attorneys at the Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Las Cruces, New Mexico.” She further indicated that the CWA would cease “completely and absolutely, in every respect whatsoever, its representation of the bargaining unit certified on March 7, 2018.”
CWA’s decision comes shortly after Union representatives apparently contacted bargaining unit members to assess the degree of union support and, based on the feedback it received, determined that: “ . . . it is clear that only a minority support continued union representation” according to Ms. Gould. The response CWA received from the attorneys of the Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office clearly demonstrates that bargaining unit members are not interested in union representation.
Third Judicial District Attorney Mark D’Antonio stated that, “In making their desires known to CWA, the individual Assistant District Attorneys believe that union representation is unnecessary.” “Contrary to the opinions of Ms. Gould and others, the attorneys’ decision to no longer support CWA flatly refutes prior allegations of mismanagement.” Mr. D’Antonio further reiterated that he “looks forward to continuing to work for the interests of the people of Dona Ana County, with the support of a cohesive staff of highly professional advocates, whose focus is on vindicating the rights of the victims of crimes in our community.”