Shattered Lives of Doña Ana County

Shattered Lives is an awareness/prevention campaign and an attempt to bring the severity of drinking and driving issues to the forefront.  Unfortunately, New Mexico leads the nation in per capita alcohol related crashes resulting in death.  This program stresses the fact that you or a loved one could become the victim of an impaired driver by virtue of where you live, work and raise your family.

The two-day event involves the dramatic removal of students in 15-minute intervals from their classrooms by a Grim Reaper.  The continuous removal of students symbolizes those who are killed in alcohol-related incidents.  Once a student is removed from the classroom they will become part of the “living dead” and will have no further interaction with either their family and/or other students.

Before the student is taken from the classroom a police officer will read a mock obituary, written by the parent(s)/guardian(s), to the remaining students in the classroom.

The program also includes a simulation of an alcohol related crash.  The term accident is never used when alcohol is involved.  An accident implies no culpability.  Choosing to drink and drive is not an accident it is willful misconduct.

For more information about the Shattered Lives program contact Antonia Hernandez at 575-647-2154.