Pat Acosta-Story of Survival-La Casa



Pat Acosta-Story of Survival-La Casa

Thank you Pat Acosta of La Casa, INC. for sharing your very courageous story with the Southern Dona Ana County Collaborative.   The Passion behind your message touched all in attendance.  Your work is greatly appreciated!!  We look forward to working with you in the future.


The Southern Dona Ana County Collaborative-

SDACC – In an effort to strengthen and broaden the communication between all agencies/organizations and the beautiful people who make up the south valley community, we would like to invite you to two separate outlets. One, if you will please send your email I will add you to the email list serve.  This list serve will allow for the immediate mass dissemination of information between all interested parties. Second, we would like to invite you to our monthly meeting that will take place at  Anthony Water Sanitation District on the first Thursday of Every month @ 12:00 pm, please bring your own lunch.

The next meeting will be March 3rd 2016, Anthony Water Sanitation District, 1155 N. 4th Street 12:00pm. 

Our goal is to bring awareness and attention to all of the opportunities and services available throughout the southern part of our county. The concept would be a collective impact model to help spread the word of opportunities and services to as many people as possible with the responsibilities shared by all the partners on the email list serve.

The monthly meetings will consist of one agency/organization being allowed to share what they do in an effort to make our county a better place to live, work and raise a family.  The remainder of the time will be used to allow each agency a brief opportunity to share with the group who they are and what they do.

Out of respect for everyone’s time energy and resources, we feel that this is a great opportunity and one that will help us grow stronger as a community.

Thank you kindly for your attention and we hope to have you added to our list serve or even better, we hope to see you at our next meeting!

If you would like to be Added to the SDACC list servve please email