Victim Notification


New Mexico Statewide Automated Victim Information Notification (NM SAVIN) is a FREE service that provides crime victims, their families and any other interested person with court hearing notification on criminal cases being handled by the New Mexico District Attorneys’ Offices.

The majority of the notification you will receive are upcoming court events for the criminal case for which you are registered. Example: Notice of Arraignment, Preliminary Hearing, Jury Trial, Bench Trial and Sentencing Hearing. Other notifications include the status on the case and changes to a scheduled court event. A detailed description of all notifications can be found under the FAQ tab on the NMSAVIN website.


Please note that NM SAVIN only provides notice of court events; it does not provide jail or prison status of offeders. Some county jails provide automated jail notification. If you wish to be notified of an OFFENDER STATUS, please click here

NM SAVIN Website