Joint Statement Upon Agreement of the Parties to Resolve Pending Litigation Corban Serna v. Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office D-307-CV-2020-01371

The desire for transparency in government – at every level – along with the public’s right to access public records, has required every agency of the State of New Mexico to recognize the importance of the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) and to ensure that public employees are in compliance at all times. To that end, this statement is to serve as a reminder and instruction in order to increase awareness of IPRA and its requirements. It is the intention of the Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office that every employee will have a basic knowledge of IPRA and how to properly – and timely – handle requests from the public for access to records in our control. It is also the intention of the Third Judicial District Attorney’s office to strive for adherence to New Mexico’s “sunshine laws” – of which IPRA is an important part – while ensuring that certain records, which are excepted from inspection, remain protected (IPRA, 14-2-1 A.). The Parties agree that Plaintiff Corban Serna’s $500 donation from settlement funds to the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government is recognition of the importance of the values of open government and transparency.