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Doña Ana County District Attorney Gerald Byers


Meet Doña Ana County District Attorney Gerald Byers who took office in January of 2021 on a pledge to reform the office, restore public confidence, and make the office more accountable to the community.

“Honoring crime victims and respecting the rights of criminal defendants are not mutually exclusive concepts. The District Attorney’s job is an obligation to do so. My office will seek to accomplish both simultaneously and by doing so uphold the rule of law, maximize public safety, and initiate a restoration of confidence in and respect for the criminal justice system in New Mexico.

Victims of enumerated crimes in New Mexico possess specific rights guaranteed by our state constitution. My administration will give substantive meaning to those rights through complete, consistent, and honest interaction with victims at every stage of the criminal justice process.

Mental health and controlled substance dependency issues invariably arise in the administration of criminal justice. One goal is to work within the established legal framework to reduce possible recidivist behaviors by diverting those individuals to community resource providers as opposed to solution by incarceration. My office will work with state and local government leaders to facilitate acquisition of local public services.”

– Gerald Byers.