The Doña Ana County District Attorney’s Public Information Office handles inquires submitted by the public and members of the news media. The primary function is to inform the public of the initiatives, programs, forums, and high-profile court cases. The PIO helps in coordinating print, electronic, and television interviews with the District Attorney, prepares press releases, and oversees social media sites and community outreach.

In determining which information may be released to the media, the Third Judicial District Attorney Public Information Office is guided by the New Mexico Supreme Court Rules of Professional Conduct; Trial publicity 16-306(a-d), (1-7), Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor, 16-308 (F) of the New Mexico Rules Annotated which may limit the amount, timing or detail of information released.

Sole Source and Notice of Intent to Award

The Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office intends to make a purchase for which it believes there is no competition. This will be a "Sole Source" purchase made in accordance with §13-1-99 and §13-1-126 NMSA 1978. The purpose of this notice is to attempt to identify possible alternatives and said notice shall be for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of posting. Any potential vendor who does not agree that this product or service is available only from the intended source must contact this office in writing within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date posted by submitting the protest to the Agency’s Chief Procurement Officer in accordance and consistent with §13-1-126.1 and §13-1-172 NMSA 1978.


Parties to the Proposed Contract

The Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office and ProsecutorbyKarpel


Nature of Service:

Annual Software and Maintenance Support for ProsecutorbyKarpel Criminal Case Management; Data Integration and configuration; Technical and Procedural Workflow; Support Personnel; Cloud-based Services . All services rendered must meet the needs and demands of the Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office and all criminal or civil matters to include, but not limited to, §30-1-1 NMSA 1978 and  §31-1-1 NMSA 1978 and Criminal Rules of Procedure to include, but not limited to, Criminal Procedure for District Court 5-101 NMRA and Criminal Procedure for Magistrate Court 6-101 NMRA.


Notice Beginning:  July 19, 2023                                             

 Notice Ending: August 21, 2023

Amount   $55,875.00              

Start:  September 1, 2023                                            

End:    June 30, 2024                                   



Justification: See PDF Attachment


Contact the PIO

Roxanne Garcia-McElmell

(575) 524-6370 - Office
(575) 915-5954 - Mobile

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Media Inquiries:

If you are a member of the media seeking information from the 3rd Judicial District Attorney’s Office, please contact us at (575) 524-6370 or email us at If you wish to sign up for press releases email, please send us the following information: