Bobby Charles Crawford Found Guilty by Jury on Attempted Murder in Police Altercation

Bobby Charles Crawford Found Guilty by Jury on Attempted Murder in Police Altercation

February 21, 2024 I Las Cruces- Bobby Charles Crawford, 47, was found guilty by a Las Cruces Jury today in Doña Ana County District Court.  Crawford was convicted of 2 counts of Attempted First-Degree Murder, 2 counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer, aggravated fleeing a law enforcement officer, and shooting at or from a motor vehicle.   Crawford has a long history of criminal conduct.   The jury deliberated for 4 hours.

On June 21, 2023, a New Mexico State Police officer began following a white Chevrolet Suburban suspected of belonging to Crawford who had a warrant for his arrest.  A Las Cruces police officer unit responded to the area to assist.  Crawford fled, engaging the officers in a chase through residential neighborhoods, endangering the lives of civilians.  Ultimately driving into the desert area east of Holman Road and South of Arroyo Road in Las Cruces.

In effort to stop Crawford, a Las Cruces Police Officer placed his vehicle in front of Crawfords vehicle to force him to comply.  Passing around the officer’s patrol unit, Crawford fired at the police vehicle and other law enforcement vehicles as they began to surround him.  Officers returned fire.   Crawford barricaded himself inside of the SUV, ultimately surrendering to the officers. 

“We sincerely appreciate the Doña Ana County Jury’s hard work which found defendant Crawford guilty of the Attempted Murder of two Las Cruces Police Officers and other associated violent crimes.

Their verdict demonstrates Doña Ana County juries will assign accountability for proven criminal conduct. We also thank the court for presiding over a fair and efficient trial.   At sentencing, my office will request the court impose the maximum sentence permitted by law, so that this dangerous convict will not pose a future threat to the public or public servants.”-DA Byers.

Bobby Charles Crawford, Photo courtesy of Doña Ana County Detention Center.